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About Us. 

Bas & Garcia is the architecture studio led by a duo passionate about design and details.

Juan and Victoria are architects, designers, planners. They are life partners and formed a work team with the special objective of creating unique designs.

Its essence is based above all on achieving a balance between the simple and the creative, the functional and the aesthetic, the natural and the intervened.

Owners of a stripped and timeless style that is complemented by the focus on quality and details.

Each B&G work manages to have a unique differential, the result  of the concept and strategy with which they start each project.

Victoria Bas

Architect & Partner

Married to Juan Garcia Laredo. Blas, Federica and Jaime's mother.
She is an architect from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires (FADU-UBA), graduated in 2010.
He began his path in the profession in 2009 at the Moroni Arquitectos & Asociados studio, specialized in farmhouse and country house projects.

Years later, she joined the Rapsodia clothing brand and specialized in the retail area, remodeling and opening new points of sale, both in Argentina and throughout Latin America.  

From 2014, after having worked jointly and intermittently over the years, that she founded the studio Bas & García Arquitectos where they constantly seek to capture their passion for well-being in the living of their projects and clients.

Juan Garcia Laredo

Architect & Partner

Married to Victoria Bas. Dad of Blas, Federica and Jaime.
Is an architect
  from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires (FADU-UBA), graduated  In 2010, he participated  in the projects of the Carrasco International Airport, Uruguay and the Acqua building in Punta del Este by the Uruguayan architect, Rafael Viñoly. After receiving, Juan traveled  to England to join the Found Associates studio, a studio specializing in retail and housing development  with great design content. Located in the heart of London's Soho, during his time at the studio, Juan developed  his passion for details and exclusive design.

Upon his return to Buenos Aires, Juan participated  Postgraduate Architecture and Technology at Di Tella University and then continued  specializing at Parsons New York and St. Martins University in London where he participated of Design Management courses.

Founded  his Studio with Victoria in the year  2014 where they are in the constant search for the best design  possible, listening to clients and developing each project as a unique and unrepeatable piece.

Rosario Esteva


She is an architect from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires (FADU-UBA), graduated in 2016. After graduating, she continued her relationship with the university as an assistant in Urban Planning in the Garcia Espil professorship.

Since 2015, she began to develop professionally in architecture studios, developers, and construction companies, expanding her skills and knowledge.

In 2020, she began working at the Bas & García studio, performing in the field of preliminary design and project in the residential and commercial part of the studio.

Among her interests is ceramics, having been trained in workshops to initiate her own business where she makes various design pieces. On the other hand, she is part of the Field Hockey team of the University of Buenos Aires, playing her role as captain.

Joaquin Pollak


He is an architect graduated in 2020 from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires (FADU-UBA). During his time at the university, he was an assistant professor of Constructions II, Morphology II and Design III of the Scagliotti proffesorship.

After graduating, he develops professionally in the design and management of medium scale buildings in the city of Buenos Aires. 

With two years of work experience in the United States, he joins the studio in 2021 to develop in the preliminary project and technical-construction resolutions of ongoing projects, applying knowledge of BIM software and derivatives.

His interests include outdoor sports, such as high-altitude mountaineering and kayaking, as well as gastronomy and music.

Bas & Garcia. architects

Your space,
our mission.

Alejandrina Valeros


She is an architect from the University of Mendoza (UM), graduated in 2013. After graduating, she expands her knowledge through a Diploma in Landscape, as well as a Diploma in Project Management at the National Technological University (UTN).  


Professionally, since 2013, she has been developing in the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, residential architecture studios, construction company and commercial developer. 

In 2022, she joined the Bas & Garcia studio, to project interior design, carry out work monitoring tasks, among others.  


Her personal interests are among mountaineering and ceramics.

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